Five Reasons to Work with a Kitchen Pro

Five reasons to work with a kitchen pro:

 1. You’ll get cutting edge designs.

When you are planning your project, it’s good to know that your ideas are integrated with the latest trends. If your kitchen is designed to up-to-date standards, then that project will hold its value for years to come.

2. Your project will run much more smoothly.

A kitchen pro not only supplies the cabinets, they help your contractor with any changes, do an electrical layout for the contractor, and also checks and rechecks the job site to make sure that all is correct to accept the new kitchen.

3. You will likely avoid the disaster project.

The statistics show that 30% go wonderfully, 60% go OK or so-so, and 10% are a disaster. So chose carefully who you work with.

4.  Kitchens by pros hold their value.

It good to know that should you decide to sell, you will be able to receive all or more than your project expense back. Typically with the box store cabinets you get about 60% of your project cost back. Compare that to the 125 % return on professionally designed projects.  The fact that professional projects typically go so much more smoothly, shows the value they hold.


5. You will get the kitchen you really want. 

It’s good to know that if done correctly, next year it will still be the kitchen you really want; a professional can help you see ahead.

This guide will give you some insight to the advantages of working with a speciality pro. If you pick the right pro, you will not need “good luck”  on your project, “good management”  will prevail.  How do you do find the right firm, or make sure the kitchen pro that has quoted you is right for your job?  Check around and get References!

Custom Built Avondale Kitchen

Call for your at-home-no-charge designs or drop in and check out Avondale at 317 Lockhartmill Road, Jacksonville (Woodstock)NB.  Gives us a call at 1-506-328-4111 to book an appointment today.

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