Before and After: Kitchen Remade for Family Gatherings

Question; What’s better than an Island? Answer; Two islands. It’s not often that two islands will fit into a kitchen make over, and it may be achieved with not exactly two islands, rather, an island and a large peninsula thus achieving the same thing.

If the plan is to remove the wall from the kitchen to the living or family room, this may well be a good location for that peninsula. By raising the counter on the peninsula, this can add a bit of privacy for the cook, so when one is sitting in the adjoining rooms, one does not view the working counters. The raised side also gives, if one prefers, a chance to do a contrast finish on the living room side to another color.

If there is room, and usually there is in two island kitchens, it is possible to add a second sink. These are great for vegetable washing, and closer to the people sitting on the bar stools for getting a drink. A second sink also can be helpful for the cook if it works out closer to the stove.

Rather than the old passe bar sink, the most popular second prep sink now is the 15″ round sink. These do not take up much space and are large enough to work a dish or two into it. Of course there are some new funky bar sinks on the market, for ideas just Google bar sinks, or check out


Before, design, and after. Marsha and Fraser Donovan, Waterville, NB.


This article was written by Jim Lawrence of They have designers in your area every week doing professional designs and quotes.

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