Hidden Stairway Space

If you have a bungalow with the center stairway dividing the kitchen and living room you may have thought there is not much you can use with a kitchen renovation to improve the look and use. Stairways can be a huge source of extra kitchen storage space. Since most stairways descend into the basement from the kitchen, they tend to have a lot of extra head room. This can be used in gaining not only more cabinets but it also can help to add more counters and a huge amount of extra widening power in these kitchen make overs.

It only requires a modest amount of wall moving, which can be well worth the renovation efforts. Not only does the kitchen and dining become much larger, you also can get some major appliance garage storage towards the dining in that newly created cabinet space. With that extra space in mind it is good to add a tall pantry, and usually that can be done beside the refrigerator. Yes you may lose a bit of counter space, but it has been more than compensated for with the new additional stairway cabinets. Keep in mind with a bit of professional insight and guidance it is very easy to make a huge impact on a small kitchen.

Home of Rao and Padma Irrinki

If you are wondering what is possible in your kitchen, give a professional kitchen designer a call, you may be pleasantly surprised what they can come up with. This article was written by Jim Lawrence of www.AvondaleKitchens.com They have designers in your area every week doing professional designs and quotes.

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