A New Spin on Colors

Safe colors can be boring


Here’s a recipe for a bland, boring and uninteresting kitchen. Do wood floors, wood walls, wood ceilings and wood color cabinets. Add a pinch of very similar color counters, stir them together and let the colors simmer together for 20 years. That will do it.

On the serious side, that was a good formula for not only cottage kitchens but many homes 25 years ago. The idea was that it was very safe color choices and very warm and homey. Besides it worked well because mostly everyone was happy with that formula until the modern day. There just weren’t as many choices then either, in a time before internet and all the home re-modeling tv shows!

If you have a cottage, or rustic home with lots of wood walls and ceilings, painted cabinets can not only brighten up the room but will also add that variety and contrast that is required in today’s kitchens by today’s homeowners.

Combine that with seamless counters, lifetime wipe-able interiors and a few interior up to date accessories you truly have a recipe for a kitchen with the “WOW Factor!”

Having trouble visualizing what’s possible in your existing kitchen? Call a professional kitchen designer, in a two hour sitting right at your home, they can likely come up with designs and ideas you may have never thought possible.


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