Fresh Approach with an Island

When doing a kitchen make over, nothing can top doing an island, provided space allows, and usually bigger is better. If the kitchen is long and skinny, take a look around and see if there is any wall that can be removed. After all, one large room is certainly more dramatic than two little ones. That’s not to mention other attributes such as spaciousness, brighter and generally just more area to get around.

Typically by removing walls and opening up spaces it will almost always brightens up the room. Top that off with hanging lights over the island, ceiling pot lights and LED counter and china lighting and you now have a state-of-the-art spacious, bright and airy kitchen.

When that is all achieved you will be pleasantly surprised how much more family time will happen in the kitchen area . The cook is or can now be in the kitchen in the middle of the action and part of ongoing conversations.

Having trouble visualizing what’s possible in your existing kitchen? Call a professional kitchen designer and in a two hour sitting right at your home, they can likely come up with designs and ideas you may have never thought possible.


This article was written by Jim Lawrence of They have designers in your area every week doing professional designs and quotes.

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