Make Great Kitchen Windows Greater


If you have been following the Kitchen Talk columns even just occasionally, you likely by now know the benefits of opening up your kitchen area, which will give lots of room, lots of light and most importantly lots of counters.

Let’s take a look at an advanced way of placing windows to feel that the glass seems almost double in size and allows in more light than usual.

If you are changing windows, a low cost and extremely upscale look is to order a taller window and bring the window down to sit on the counter. Since this cannot be done by using roll top or post formed counters it can be achieved by upgrading to Granite, quartz or solid surface (Corian TM). It can also be done effectively with the affordable Avondale-Seamless-Counters which allows you to achieve a truly upscale look for a fraction of the price.

So that’s step one, now let’s go one step further and think a bit further outside of the box. Rather than keep the window to the traditional location somewhere in the centre of the cabinets, think about pulling it to the end of the cabinet run, and keep the window and the patio door very close to each other, with no cabinets between the sink and patio door.

As a result, with the sink window and patio door you literally have a wall of glass almost ten feet wide, which looks impressive to say the least. That backyard BBQ or kids play area will now feel like part of the kitchen central.


Kitchens more open, that’s great; lots of windows that’s better; designed so all the family inside and outside is involved…now that’s priceless.


This article was written by Jim Lawrence of They have designers in your area every week doing professional designs and quotes.

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