Smart Island Strategies Trump Space.


Question: What shape will your island be?

Answer: The shape it can be !

Small kitchen make overs can be truly amazing if they are laid out properly. How does one do the island in those small kitchens? Well, it really is a process of elimination. It’s a matter of simply laying out the cabinets and walking space then see how much for an island you have left over. The island can then be tweaked into it’s final shape.

As in most kitchens, the fridge is the appliance that should get the most layout and design time. It can narrow up kitchens big time if placed in the wrong area. With that in mind it is best to place it at the end of the kitchen so there can be island space. If the stove location is giving the designer trouble, sometimes placing it diagonally in a corner will help add additional side counters.

Now to brighten up the new design a very upscale but low cost idea is when replacing the sink window change to a taller and wider one that comes down to the counter. That will dramatically make the kitchen feel wider and of course much brighter.

In short, a successful kitchen make over is accomplished when the kitchen feels brighter, larger with lots of counter space; mission accomplished !

Having trouble visualizing what’s possible in your existing kitchen? Call a professional kitchen designer, in a two hour sitting right at your home, they can likely come up with designs and ideas you may have never thought possible.

This article was written by Jim Lawrence ,they have designers in your area every week doing professional designs and quotes.

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