Kitchens, Cottages and downsizing

How do you fit your home and life into that cottage or smaller home? Not only do you have to work out the downsizing, but in most cases there will be more friends and family visiting than before, particularly if you are planning to retire or even semi-retire. Why? Everyone will know you are home and available, and it is likely that this is that memorable place where most of the extended family  spent their weekends or summers growing up. Now they will be dropping by with their spouses and children to create new family memories. Well, so much for downsizing!  
 Your new place is likely to be smaller and you may now be faced with having more people and traffic. The key to making smaller places work is to create combination rooms. First, consider if you really need to have a dining room table?  A new kitchen island could take care of that and you may realize that you can do without it quite easily. With the kitchen and living room all in one room now with only an island dividing the two, it can be surprisingly spacious and you will be amazed at the crowd it will handle.
 Here are a couple of space saving tricks. If there is very limited or no space for the laundry area, a
stackable set at the end of the kitchen may work, and the island and kitchen sink can serve as the laundry work station. After all, how often does one make dinner and do laundry at the same time?  Is the wood or pellet stove taking up too much space? Consider installing a split heat pump. Heat pumps have taken quantum leaps in price reductions, operating costs and availability in the last 5 years. You can actually install and operate them as cheaply or even cheaper than  wood, pellet or gas heating and  with that, you now get free air conditioning also.
 So, now that things are taken care of and all your main living space is in one room,  you can just sit back and relax! Well not quite, because it’s time to get cooking…there may be some family or friends  arriving for dinner. There is nothing to it now that you have everything at arms reach in that new kitchen!
 If you’re having trouble visualizing what’s possible in your existing kitchen or downsizing project, call a Professional Kitchen Designer at In just a two hour sitting, at no charge, they will go right to your home and show you designs and ideas you may have never thought were possible. Image

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