Condos and Kitchen Renovations

If you are considering a condo kitchen Reno, your first thought may be that it has a very small kitchen.  In reality, most condos, particularly older condo’s  there is normally lots of kitchen space and cabinets , but the problem is that it is packed into a room barely larger than a lunch box.  We need to think outside of the box or better still think about getting this kitchen out of the box. The answer to working with these tight designs, is to think about opening up from the kitchen to the adjoining rooms.
Opening it up does not necessarily mean tearing out a major amount of  walls. Keep in mind if you take out too many walls, that will limit the space for the cabinets and furniture placement on the other side of the kitchen. Many times, it can just be a matter of opening up a wall or  doorway.  Rather than do the doors or openings all the way to the ceiling, if you keep one foot of the wall at the top next to the ceiling,  this avoids needing to do ceiling work in the adjoining rooms.
The results? Instead of everyone trying to crowd into a small kitchen, the kitchen, living room and dining room, can now become one large multi-purpose and entertainment room.  By opening up that space, the kitchen will be more spacious and particularly brighter due to the added incoming light from the dining and living rooms. The changes will surely wow your friends and family!

This article was written by Jim Lawrence at  They have designers in your area every week doing professional designs and quotes.Phillips,Marjoie..

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