Advantages of small kitchen make overs.

A small kitchen make over can have a couple of advantages.  First, the make over cost less and second any changes can have a huge impact visually and use wise.

It can be  simply amazing how a small kitchen can be impacted  by  removing just one wall. Impacted in a most positive way, such as brightening up by sharing windows and of course by now making the room much larger. When islands do not work, a peninsula will certainly come to the rescue. It is always a must to try to incorporate a pantry, which can sometimes  be worked in and blended in by adding a china cabinet to the dining or bar stool sitting side of the peninsula or island.

Having trouble visualizing what’s possible in your existing kitchen? Call a professional kitchen designer at, in a two hour sitting right at your home, they can likely come up with designs and ideas you may have never thought possible.OLeary,Catherine

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