Lakeville NB Makeover: How to Open up your Kitchen Without Removing Walls

As is the case with many of our employees, our Showroom Manager, Karen, was ready to incorporate an Avondale Kitchen into her home in Lakeville, NB.  The home was purchased the previous year and her main goal was lightening up the space and creating an open concept feel without removing an entire wall.

The home had an original kitchen, which was beautifully crafted but did not meet the needs and style taste of the homeowner.  Let’s take a look at the before pictures.


We prepared the space by removing all existing cabinets, squaring out the rounded archway, and cutting a hole to create a pass through to the living area, giving the illusion of an open space, without removing the entire wall, allowing for extra counter space below the cut out.  A great alternative to completely opening up.


And now for the before and after!  Take note of the projected window brought completely down to the counter, allowing an extraordinary amount of light to enter the space and filter through to the living room.  The peninsula was removed to create a more functional work space.  A dark enclosed kitchen now becomes a spacious area full of bright light.

AALEE BLOG BA_edited-1

The opposite side of the kitchen started out with no cabinetry, so we added a corner pantry, tall pantry, enclosed refrigerator, and doored book cases around the exterior walls.


In order to add space for the basement flap door opening, we had to cut out a hole in the pantry, which inadvertently created the perfect little play space for her young daughter.


Here is a view from the living room looking into the kitchen through the new pass through.  Since the homeowners didn’t have space for an island, we used the pass through as extra seating space, allowing easy conversation between the kitchen and living room.


During the renovation, we also installed a set of bookshelves in a narrow hallway to create an abundance of storage, in an otherwise unusable space.


Are you ready for your dreams to come true?  Give us a call today or stop in for a factory and showroom tour. We have designers in your area every week, from Grand Falls to Saint John!

317 Lockhart Mill Road, Jacksonville (Woodstock), NB, Canada



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