Kitchen Walls Removed & Counter Space Increases!

We have another beautiful local transformation for you, coming from the home of Joy & Tony Reid, Woodstock, NB.

The homeowners had an enclosed kitchen with a separate dining and living room and were ready to open up and move towards open concept living.  Contractor, Mark Wheelan helped make all of the reno details possible, while Rob Sawler did a fantastic job on the backsplash.

Here is a view, standing in the living room and looking towards the dining room and kitchen.  The kitchen is located on the other side of the wall, to the right of the dining room:


The homeowners sat down with Jim, and in 1.5 hours came up with the new designs, measurements and quotes:


Let’s see the room, once the walls have been removed:


Now let’s take a look inside of the kitchen before the renovation. The room felt disconnected from the rest of the living area and lacked working counter space:


With the wall removed, and a large island added, there is now plenty of work space, storage and extra seating:

Here is a view looking towards the refrigerator, standing in the dining room:


And the same view, with the wall removed. So much light and space!:


Next, a before view looking from the kitchen towards the living room:

Living roiom View BEFORE jpg.jpg

And now, the after view after the wall is removed, standing from the same spot:

Living roiom View AFTER.jpg

A custom built-in bookshelf at the island creates the ideal space for easy-access cookbooks:


Cookie sheet pull-outs keep items organized and accessible:


As are standard with Avondale Kitchens, doors and shelves are replaced with large drawers for pots and pans storage:


A high volume pull out garbage can and recycling combo keep bins off of the kitchen floor, and tucked away in the island:


A pull out pantry next to the fridge give lots of storage space for dried goods and baking supplies:


An over-sized spice drawer is the ideal storage solution for small bottles and jars:


And now, let’s move on to the vanity! The homeowners renovated their bathroom about three years ago, with Avondale Kitchens.

Here is a look at the vanity before:

Vanity & Tall_BEFORE .jpg

Next up, the hand drawings with proposed changes:


The dark stain of the cabinets pull both the kitchen and bathroom together perfectly:


Here is a view of the shower before:


And the stunning transformation!:


Thank you to Joy and Tony Reid for choosing Avondale for your kitchen renovation project!


Are you ready for your dreams to come true?  Give us a call today or stop in for a factory and showroom tour. We have designers in your area every week, from Grand Falls to Saint John!

317 Lockhart Mill Road, Jacksonville (Woodstock), NB, Canada


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