Home that Survives Great Fire of Gibson (1893) gets Avondale Kitchens Makeover

Today’s blog post is one you won’t want to miss! Thank you to Joan Bilensky an of Fredericton for allowing Avondale to be part of this breathtaking transformation.   This historical home is one of the surviving homes of the Great Fire of Gibson (Fredericton North), June 20, 1893.

The original Methodist church burnt in a separate fire years later and was rebuilt as Gibson Memorial United Church. The church is still there with 4 houses between our homeowners, next to the trail. The Bilensky property was originally owned by the Macklin family and was, with more land, part of the Macklin farm. From what Joan can find out, this house was built around 1854. And she hasn’t heard any ghosts yet!

The homeowner sat down with Jim to come up with a design that would open up the kitchen and increase functionality.

Designs Fridge View

Designs Stove View

Contractor Willem Vanderlee guts the kitchen and gets the room ready to be put back together!

Willem reno is gutted

Everything is sheet rocked and almost ready for cabinets!

Willem Pre cab on looking

Let’s take a look at the before shot of the kitchen, which was likely last renovated in the 1950’s.

Kitchen Door Before

The bulk head is replaced with cabinets and crowns to the ceiling, elongating the space.  By removing the knee wall next to the dining table, the room is immediately more open and spacious.

Kitchen Door After.JPG

Originally, the laundry/desk area was taking up half of the kitchen, creating a divided room, and segregating the kitchen.

Kitchen Laundry Before.JPG

Wow! By rearranging the appliances, and carrying the kitchen cabinetry through to the laundry center, the kitchen doubles in size!

Kitchen Laundry After

The divided space, standing in the laundry area, looking towards the window:

Kitchen Window Before

And now fully opened, and functional!

Kitchen Window After.JPG

One last view, looking back towards the former laundry side of the kitchen:

Kitchen Fridge After

The Fisher & Paykel double dishwasher makes cleaning up a breeze!

KitchenA DW

The standard Avondale life up toaster garage keeps countertops neat and tidy, with everyday items easily accessible.

KitchenA Lift Up

A double pull-out pantry holds all dried goods and keeps groceries at hand and organized:

KitchenA Pantry

The standard Avondale spice drawer keeps all spices visible, next to the stove, for easy access:

KitchenA Spice.JPG

Thank you so much Joan for having Avondale be a part of your renovation! It was an absolute pleasure.


Are you ready for your dreams to come true?  Give us a call today or stop in for a factory and showroom tour. We have designers in your area every week, from Grand Falls to Saint John! Your dream kitchen may be more affordable than you think.

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