Creating The Illusion of More Space in your Kitchen

When working with uniquely shaped homes, there is no need to worry about how you could possibly do a kitchen renovation. Let the professionals take care of the worry for you!

Today’s makeover comes locally from the Woodstock area, at the home of Jill Reid & Scott Ritcey.

With darker cabinets, and a narrow kitchen, the space seemed small and closed off.  Let’s take a look at the designs first.  The homeowners sat down with Jim from Avondale to come up with a plan that would open up the space and create a more usable work and storage area. An Avondale designer will come into your home and have designs, quotes and measurements done in 1.5 hours.



Once designs were solidified, RW Burpee contractors got to work preparing the space:


Now let’s take a look at some side by side before and after shots to give you a better idea of the overall renovations.

In the original kitchen, an interior half wall creates a division between the dining room and kitchen.  This wall is removed, large windows are added in the dining area as well as above the sink.  Pantry cabinets are installs in front of the brick to add storage, and fresh bright cabinets replace the older dark set.

Kitchen Before.jpg

Kitchen Reno

Kitchen after.jpg

Now we will look from the kitchen, towards the dining room.  The space has been reconfigured to add maximum storage and efficiency:

Kitchen to Dining Before.jpg

Kitchen to Dining After.jpg

Standing at the stairs, you can see where the wall has been removed to completely open up the kitchen.

Kitchen to Stove BEFORE.jpg

Kitchen to Stove Reno.jpg

Kitchen to Stove.jpg

The new windows have changed the outside of the home as well!

y reno


Outside After.jpg

A big thank you to Jill & Scott for choosing Avondale for your kitchen makeover!


Are you ready for your dreams to come true?  Give us a call today or stop in for a factory and showroom tour. We have designers in your area every week, from Grand Falls to Saint John! Your dream kitchen may be more affordable than you think.

317 Lockhart Mill Road, Jacksonville (Woodstock), NB, Canada



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