Step by Step Dream Kitchen Makeover

Today’s blog post features the home of Avondale’s Office Manager, Janice McBride & husband, Allie McBride of Oakville, NB, just outside of Woodstock. After working with our company for three years, Janice decided it was time for an upgrade.

Our Avondale Kitchen Designer, Jim, visited the home to take a look at the existing cabinets, and drew up some designs for the renovation.  Janice and Allie wanted a bright, fresh and welcoming kitchen while maintaining a bit of country charm.

Let’s take a look at the before shots, designs and after photos.  Then we will get into the full process from start to finish, of an Avondale kitchen production.

Before the renovation, the kitchen was original to the home built in 1983, with cord wood walls, a bulk head and plywood oak cabinets:

Kitchen BEFORE

The proposed designs move the refrigerator closer to the end wall, create an opening between living room and kitchen, and drywall over the cord wood to create a fresh and open space:


Here is the after from this angle:

Kitchen AFTER

The next photo shows the before view, standing near the patio door, and looking back towards the living room.  Notice the stove and refrigerator placement, with drawers to the right of the stove difficult to access:

Kit to Dining BEFORE

In the designs, the stove will be moved to the corner, and the area where the current fridge sits will be a cut out into the living room:

Kit to Dining DESIGNS

In the after shot, you can see the corner stove, and the built in fridge enclosure with pantries attached.  The opening towards the living room gives the illusion of open concept living:

Kit to Dining AFTER

Another trio of before, designs, after:

Kit stove BEFORE

Kit stove DESIGNS

Kit stove AFTER

Looking in from the the living room before and after:

Kit opening BEFORE

Kit and wall AFTER

Kit opening AFTER Close UP

The kitchen is now equipped with lots of deep drawers for storage:

ACC drawers

Even the fridge is excited about this renovation:

ACC Happy Fridge

The walk in corner pantry holds all of the dried goods, and it’s a great hide and seek spot!:

ACC Walk in Pantry


The custom sized toaster garage is perfect for hiding all of the every day kitchen items while keeping them accessible:


Finnie and Sully supervised the install to make sure the guys were on their toes, and getting everything right:

ACC Critters

Now, let’s jump into the process and take a look at how this kitchen was born.

After the initial in home designs, Jim and Janice tweaked some areas to perfect the layout:

J Jim

Once the designs are approved, the project moves on to our CAD department, where the plans are entered into the computer.  At this stage, all measurements are exact and the layout can be seen and altered in real sizes:


In the meantime, with the help of Karen, our showroom manager, Janice spent some time in the showroom deciding what she liked for finishes including cabinet colour, door styles, handles, countertops, sink and tap.  A job that could be overwhelming, but is a fun task with all options on hand at Avondale:

J Doors

J Handles

Once CAD and selections are approved, it’s time to move the job onto production!

First stop is the CNC machine.  The CAD department sends the designs to the CNC operator, where all of the cabinetry is cut out by the machine:



Once all parts are cut, the items are dispersed to four departments; Counters, Custom, Paint & Assembly:

Order of Operations

At the counter department, Dana adds edges, undermounts the sink and laminates the countertops:




Once crowns, pillars, hoods and panels are prepared, they, along with MDF doors, are sent to the paint department where all items are sanded and painted with a two part industrial finish.  Once completed, they are placed on racks to dry and sent back to assembly:



The last stop is final assembly.  In this department, all boxes are assembled, doors bored, edge banding completed, and the truck loaded for delivery:




On the day of delivery, our installers leave the shop early in the morning to be on site in time for breakfast.  They spend the day installing, and by the time they leave, the full kitchen is in place and ready to go! Generally there will be one final trip back to fix up any deficiencies.

AWW install trucks outside

Thank you to Janice & Allie for choosing Avondale for your dream kitchen makeover!

BLOG BA Template_edited-2


Are you ready for your dreams to come true?  Give us a call today or stop in for a factory and showroom tour. We have designers in your area every week, from Grand Falls to Saint John! Your dream kitchen may be more affordable than you think.

317 Lockhart Mill Road, Jacksonville (Woodstock), NB, Canada


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