Lakeville Flip House

Two of our Avondale Employees, Karen & Chris, have recently done a complete renovation to a farmhouse in Lakeville and are happy to share the transformation with you! Bonus, it has a beautiful Avondale Kitchen! It will be hitting the market soon, so as they say, get it while it’s hot!

The location, 2170 Route 560 is nestled within Lakeville, Carleton County,  just seconds from Williamstown Lake.  Imagine being able to take your evening stroll and enjoy this view?  Not to mention the Lake is perfect for fishing and kayaking.  A hidden gem.



Let’s dive right into the the renovation!

We hired Mark Morehouse and his team to re-side the home, adding beautiful grey vinyl siding, and custom dentil work (decorative Boston header) around the windows to keep a bit of historical interest:


The exterior before & after:



The compromised upstairs porch was removed, and the damaged exterior wall of the kitchen was repaired, insulated, and fitted with a large window to bring in an immense amount of light.


The front step  was also removed and completely rebuilt:



And now all cleaned up!


To keep the home warm in the winter, and cool in the summer, E.T. Mechanical installed a new heat pump & electric furnace backup. It sure feels good walking into the cool house on a hot and humid summer day.  Insulation is added to the attic to keep the power bills down in the summer and winter.


Now to the interior!

Of course, working at Avondale Kitchens, we can’t resist an amazing kitchen makeover.  It is the heart of the home after all.

When the house was purchased, the kitchen was a large, fairly empty space:



The floors were very crooked, so the first step was to do a bit of leveling before flooring went down.


The patio door was moved to the right, to create a super window effect, with the new large window:


A walk in pantry was framed in, to create tons of storage, and to also enclose the secondary basement access.  Even the smallest helper pitched in:


Once the floor was laid, it was FINALLY time to add the new cabinets!  Custom cabinetry with a corner pantry, and sit up island take the empty space to the next level!

kitchen 2

Kitchen 1

Now moving onto the large living room!

Originally, the bathroom, and laundry area protruded into the living room, covering the beautiful stair rail, and creating a difficult L shaped living room.  We pulled the wall back, re-located laundry to upstairs, and exposed the railing.

Here’s a look before and during:


To add interest, a sliding barn door is added, and the rest of the room is painted and cleaned up!


Bathroom Down 1

Upstairs Bath 1

The rest of the living room is bright, fresh and inviting!


Upstairs was a challenge in and of it self.  All walls were completely repaired, which took several coats of crack fill and patience.

Upstairs was home to three bedrooms, and a large landing.  The landing has since been converted to a full second bathroom.

The master bedroom had lots of potential! The large space before:


And after! (Wait until you see inside of those closets… completely custom, you have to see it in person!)

Master Bedroom 4

The closets… oh the closets!


Bedroom one and two also received makeovers!



The landing was unused, and the perfect spot to add a second washroom!


Now revamped with a bathroom and laundry area!

Upstairs Landing

The new upstairs bath is everything you need.  A shower to get ready in the morning, and an adorable new Avondale Vanity and custom storage:

Upstairs Bath2

From the other angle looking back towards the stairs:

Upstairs Landing Before

Upstairs Hall


This home is about to hit the market!  If you’d like to stop in and see it you can call Chris at 506-324-4732 or email

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