Bright Lime & Cherry Kitchen

Today we have a refreshing kitchen renovation for you! We can bet you’ve never seen anything quite like this.

Patrick & Kathy Conway of Saint John, NB., had a clear vision of what they wanted in their kitchen renovation.  Patrick, an artist, presented our designer with his wish list, and Avondale brought the dream to life.

When the homeowners purchased the home, the original kitchen was a workable pastel galley style.  While the layout worked for the most part, the finishes didn’t quite fit.

Kitchen Before .jpg

The contractors got to work for the complete renovation.

Kitchen Reno with George.jpg

Kitchen Reno 2 .jpg

Designs are prepared with highlighted areas to indicate sections which will be sprayed a custom green:

des 1.JPG

des 3.JPG

With the space prepared, the new cabinets are delivered and installed! Beautiful natural cherry paired with Benjamin Moore 2025-10 Bright Lime.

Kitchen After

Here is a second view towards the sink, pre-renovation

Kitchen sink Before

Demolition and preparation:

Kitchen sink Reno

Chris from Sticks & Stones measures up for quartz installation:

Kitchen sink Reno Chris from Sticks Template

And the finished product from this angle:

Kitchen sink After

In addition to the kitchen, the bathroom also received a complete makeover:

Vanity BeforeVanity RenoVanity AFTER

Thank you Patrick & Kathy for choosing Avondale Kitchens as part of your renovation!

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Lakeville Flip House

Two of our Avondale Employees, Karen & Chris, have recently done a complete renovation to a farmhouse in Lakeville and are happy to share the transformation with you! Bonus, it has a beautiful Avondale Kitchen! It will be hitting the market soon, so as they say, get it while it’s hot!

The location, 2170 Route 560 is nestled within Lakeville, Carleton County,  just seconds from Williamstown Lake.  Imagine being able to take your evening stroll and enjoy this view?  Not to mention the Lake is perfect for fishing and kayaking.  A hidden gem.



Let’s dive right into the the renovation!

We hired Mark Morehouse and his team to re-side the home, adding beautiful grey vinyl siding, and custom dentil work (decorative Boston header) around the windows to keep a bit of historical interest:


The exterior before & after:



The compromised upstairs porch was removed, and the damaged exterior wall of the kitchen was repaired, insulated, and fitted with a large window to bring in an immense amount of light.


The front step  was also removed and completely rebuilt:



And now all cleaned up!


To keep the home warm in the winter, and cool in the summer, E.T. Mechanical installed a new heat pump & electric furnace backup. It sure feels good walking into the cool house on a hot and humid summer day.  Insulation is added to the attic to keep the power bills down in the summer and winter.


Now to the interior!

Of course, working at Avondale Kitchens, we can’t resist an amazing kitchen makeover.  It is the heart of the home after all.

When the house was purchased, the kitchen was a large, fairly empty space:



The floors were very crooked, so the first step was to do a bit of leveling before flooring went down.


The patio door was moved to the right, to create a super window effect, with the new large window:


A walk in pantry was framed in, to create tons of storage, and to also enclose the secondary basement access.  Even the smallest helper pitched in:


Once the floor was laid, it was FINALLY time to add the new cabinets!  Custom cabinetry with a corner pantry, and sit up island take the empty space to the next level!

kitchen 2

Kitchen 1

Now moving onto the large living room!

Originally, the bathroom, and laundry area protruded into the living room, covering the beautiful stair rail, and creating a difficult L shaped living room.  We pulled the wall back, re-located laundry to upstairs, and exposed the railing.

Here’s a look before and during:


To add interest, a sliding barn door is added, and the rest of the room is painted and cleaned up!


Bathroom Down 1

Upstairs Bath 1

The rest of the living room is bright, fresh and inviting!


Upstairs was a challenge in and of it self.  All walls were completely repaired, which took several coats of crack fill and patience.

Upstairs was home to three bedrooms, and a large landing.  The landing has since been converted to a full second bathroom.

The master bedroom had lots of potential! The large space before:


And after! (Wait until you see inside of those closets… completely custom, you have to see it in person!)

Master Bedroom 4

The closets… oh the closets!


Bedroom one and two also received makeovers!



The landing was unused, and the perfect spot to add a second washroom!


Now revamped with a bathroom and laundry area!

Upstairs Landing

The new upstairs bath is everything you need.  A shower to get ready in the morning, and an adorable new Avondale Vanity and custom storage:

Upstairs Bath2

From the other angle looking back towards the stairs:

Upstairs Landing Before

Upstairs Hall


This home is about to hit the market!  If you’d like to stop in and see it you can call Chris at 506-324-4732 or email

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Shuffling the Kitchen to Create the Illusion of More Space

We have a quick before and after for you today, coming from the home of Claude and Nancy Brewer, of Fredericton, NB.

As with most kitchen renovations, the goal is to create light, and flow within the room, making all areas of the kitchen easily accessible and user friendly.

Originally, the kitchen housed a peninsula with coordinating upper cabinets, that created a distinct separation between the kitchen and dining spaces:

Kitchen Before

The homeowners sat down with our professional kitchen designer, Jim, to discuss options to open up the space, and create more seating within the room.  The stove is moved to the corner to eliminate the need for a lazy susan, the fridge moved to the back wall, upper peninsula cabinets are removed, and a faux island installed to create an area for in-room seating.

Kitchen Designs.jpg

And now take a look at the after shot! The same space now feels much larger, and more welcoming.

Kitchen After...r

Here is another shot towards the original peninsula with designs and after shots.  Take note of the incorporation of the back wall for cabinetry space, as well as the corner stove.

Kitchen BV Before

Kitchen BV Designs jpg.jpg

Kitchen BV After

And final, the sequence standing from the back corner, looking in towards the dining room.  The tall unit next to the new peninsula adds extra storage space, and the peninsula itself is full of large drawers, for efficient use.

Kitchen to Dining Before jpg.jpg


Kitchen to Dining After

And there you have it! Another beautiful kitchen renovation.  Thank you to Claude & Nancy for allowing Avondale Kitchens to be a part of your kitchen makeover!

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Brightening up Your Kitchen

Today’s renovation makeover is located in Fredericton, at the residence of Peter & Holly McDougall.  The homeowners wanted to brighten and refresh the space, with modern painted cabinets and staggered height sizing.

Peter & Holly sat down with Jim, Avondale’s Professional Kitchen Designer, to go over layout changes, designs and quotes, in a meeting at the McDougall home.  In 2 hours, the whole package is complete.  Here is a look at the proposed on-site hand drawing designs:




Take a look at the kitchen before.  While the cabinets were in great shape, the wood was weighing down the space, and the green laminate counters had had their day:

Kit Fridge BEFORE ....

The homeowners opted to add a wood island, keeping the warmth of the natural material, while brightening up the rest of the room with painted cabinets.  The design has swapped out most of the lower doors with easier to access soft close drawers:

Kit Fridge AFTER

A before shot looking towards the patio doors, notice the panel at the left, which will be removed creating a better flow to the room:

Kit sink BEFORE

Panel removed, opening up the kitchen from this view.  Bulk heads have been removed, and the kitchen features open top crown upper cabinets, mixed with ceiling height cabinets:

Kit sink AFTER

The kitchen felt a bit crowed originally with two half walls separating the dining room and kitchen area:

Kitchen BEFORE

Two stools at the island overhang give extra seating without taking up space:

Kitchen AFTER

Cutlery inserts next to the dishwasher keep all small utensils organized:

ACC Cutlery

A high volume garbage can system allows you to keep your trash can off of the kitchen floor. Simply clip the bags into the drawer, and un-clip when ready to remove.


Large drawers can hold everything from plates, to small appliances to pots and pans and Tupperware.  Heavy duty soft close slides keep the drawers running smoothly:

ACC island Drawers TOP

ACC Island Storage Drawer

ACC pots Drawer

ACC tupperware CutleryThe panel in front of the sink flips down, for scrubbie and dishwasher tablet storage.  Under the sink is a tea towel holder and pull out area for cleaning supplies: ACC sink

Thank you Peter & Holly for choosing Avondale for your Kitchen Makeover!

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Are you ready for your dreams to come true?  Give us a call today or stop in for a factory and showroom tour. We have designers in your area every week, from Grand Falls to Saint John!

317 Lockhart Mill Road, Jacksonville (Woodstock), NB, Canada



Natural Cherry Refreshes the Home

Welcome to the home of Don & Elaine Brown, of Rothesay N.B!  We will take you from designs to installation of their natural cherry cabinets.

First the homeowners sat down with Jim, Avondale’s professional designer, for a two hour no-charge at home design session to discuss the renovations.  By the end of the meeting, all measurements were taken, budget and quotes were firmed up, and hand drawings were complete.  Here is a look at the designs for the new kitchen:

Design 1

Design 2

Let’s take a look at the before shot of the kitchen:

Kitchen before

In the after shot, the bulk head is removed, and the window is taken down to the counter to provide more light.  All lowers on the right hand side are now drawers, and a large pantry is added to the right of the stove.

Kitchen after

Another before shot, the small window made the room appear darker and enclosed:

Kitchen Window Before.jpg

A larger window is installed creating a bright and open atmosphere.  Usable cabinets to the left of the window tie in with the rest of the kitchen cabinets:

Kitchen window After

Here’s a look at the cabinets to the left of the window, towards the stairs.  The perfect little broom closet:

Kit Stairway cabinet OPEN

Back in the main kitchen area, the pull out pantry shelves hold all dried goods and accessories with ease:

ACC pantry

A corner appliance garage is the perfect home the a heavy Kitchen Aid mixer, eliminating the need to lift and carry:

ACC TG.jpg

By swapping out doors for drawers, pots and pans are easily accessible and there is no more digging through cabinets on hands and knees:

ACC pots & Pans drawer.jpg

And finally, as with all new Avondale kitchens, a cutlery insert to keep your cutlery drawer organized!

ACC cutlerty

Thank you to Don and Elaine for choosing Avondale for your kitchen makeover! It was our pleasure to work with you!

Are you ready for your dreams to come true?  Give us a call today or stop in for a factory and showroom tour. We have designers in your area every week, from Grand Falls to Saint John!

317 Lockhart Mill Road, Jacksonville (Woodstock), NB, Canada


Going From Wood Cabinets to a Bright Painted Space

Thank you to Sean & Lois Gorman, Saint John NB, for choosing Avondale Kitchens to help with their kitchen renovation! The Gorman family gave themselves an early Christmas gift when their kitchen arrived a few days before Christmas, making the holidays even more exciting!


Jim, our Avondale Kitchens professional designer stopped in for an at-home no-charge design to start the project off. In two hours, measurements are taken, designs are produced, renovation details laid out, and quotes generated.

z-Jim Van Text

Here’s a look at the kitchen towards the living room before renovations:

Kit to Living BEFORE

Jim and the homeowners worked together to come up with a design that would work better in the space, opening up a bit more between the kitchen and living room:


Clover Valley Construction worked hard to prepare the space for the new cabinets, and complete all renovation details:

Kit to Living RENO

With the wall moved back, there is now plenty of space for a large island to bridge the two rooms:

Kit to Living AFTER

Next, take a look at the view towards the original dining area:

Kit Dining BEFORE

Renovators stripped everything to prepare the new space:

Kit Dining RENO with Troy

Kit Dining RENO 2 with Todd

And now the after! The dining table has extended towards the living space, and extra seating at the new island.

Kit Dining AFTER

Here is a before and after look from the other side of the wall, the living room looking in towards the kitchen:

Kitchen BEFORE & doorway & TV
Before from living room
Kitchen AFTER & doorway & TV
After from living room

And one more view of the kitchen renos:

Kitchen BEFORE 2 inside kitchen
Kitchen before
Full Kitchen Designs
Kitchen RENO with Danny
Danny Clements of Clover Valley Construction 
Kitchen RENO 2 pre paint
Drywall up, almost there!
Kitchen RENO 3 with Troy & George
Troy and George of Clover Valley Construction
Kitchen RENO AFTER Final Best Kitchen photo
The beautiful finished product

And now a round up of the before and after shots:





Thank you Sean and Lois for choosing Avondale Kitchens!


Are you ready for your dreams to come true?  Give us a call today or stop in for a factory and showroom tour. We have designers in your area every week, from Grand Falls to Saint John!

317 Lockhart Mill Road, Jacksonville (Woodstock), NB, Canada



Historic 1912 St. Andrews Home gets Avondale Kitchen Makeover

Today we have a beautiful kitchen makeover coming to you from the heart of St. Andrews NB, at the residence of Bob and Janet Charlton.

This historical home, built in 1912, was designed by Sir Edward Maxwell, chief architect for Sir William Van Horne, the president CP Rail Road.  You may recognize Van Horne below, in the photo of the driving of the last spike.  Van Horne resided on Minister’s Island, which has since become a popular tourist destination in St. Andrews. The home of Sir Edward Maxwell, the architect, was located along the beach facing Minister’s Island.

The last spike driven on the Canadian Pacific Railroad, photo from

The main house where the Charlton’s currently reside, was originally a carriage house  for another home four blocks away.  In 1963 the carriage house was moved to this site, with two wings being added; The first in the winter of  1971 and the 2nd wing in the winter of 1972.

With these interesting pieces of history in our minds, we can now take take a look at the kitchen renovations.

The homeowners sat down with Jim, our designer, to work out a plan for the reno.  Details and plans were drawn up in the design meeting, and the project came to life!





Before the reno, French doors separated the kitchen and the dining room, for two distinct areas. By opening up the wall, a beautiful open concept kitchen space is created, with plenty of space to add a large island:


Kit side view BEFORE.jpg

Kit side view AFTER

Here is the view looking towards the hall and pantry.  The closet with bi-fold doors is replaced with a spacious walk-in corner pantry, and the wall is opened up and brought back to the start of the pantry.

Before Hall and Pantry.JPG

After Hall and Pantry

Here is the shot looking back towards the stove, before & after.  The table is replaced by an island, increasing counter space, and storage, while maintaining in-kitchen seating space.

Kit Stove BEFORE.jpg

After Stove and Old Wall

The new island is equipped with large heavy duty drawers to hold all pots and pans. Full extension creates instant visibility for all items in the drawer.

Acc After Drawers.JPG

A built in toaster garage on the counter is perfect for keeping small, frequently used appliances within reach, yet enclosed when not in use:


And finally, a custom corner pantry is an accessible option for storing all dried goods:

Acc Pantry

A big thank you to Bob & Janet who allowed us to be part of your stunning kitchen renovation!

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Are you ready for your dreams to come true?  Give us a call today or stop in for a factory and showroom tour. We have designers in your area every week, from Grand Falls to Saint John!

317 Lockhart Mill Road, Jacksonville (Woodstock), NB, Canada