Meet Our Family

Meet Our Family

Established in 1982, Avondale Kitchens is a family run business, and we pride ourselves in our family involvement.    We want to take the time today to introduce you to our immediate family, who work together daily, in conjunction with eleven other employees to produce your beautiful cabinets!

Jim, Owner/Designer, “Dad”

When you call Avondale to book an appointment for your new home or renovation project, it will be Jim who shows up at your door, ready to design!  With 40 years experience in Kitchen Design, there is not a problem Jim can’t solve.  You will love his creative point of view, and unique design methods!



Suzanne, Owner, “Mom”

Suzanne has been with the business since the beginning, in 1982. She has moved through every area of operation from construction to design to employee management. If you plan to visit the showroom on a Saturday, likely Suzanne will be here waiting to help you choose finishes for your new kitchen!


Adam, Production Manager, “Son”

Adam manages all production employees and day to day operations of the factory.  Adam started out on the factory floor as a young man, and has progressed from department to department, learning each aspect of production throughout the years.  If there is a problem, Adam can fix it.


Heather, CAD Designer “Daughter In Law”

Heather works in the office along side Janet as a CAD designer on our kitchen projects.  She takes hand drawings and measurements and turns them into detailed computer drawings of your new cabinets.  If you have questions about sizing, layouts and detailed aspects, Heather is your girl.


Karen, Showroom Manager, “Daughter”

Karen our Showroom Manager will help you with every finish detail of your kitchen. From cabinet colour to sink style, you will be in good hands, and the finishing design selections will be a breeze.  Acting as a liaison between design and production, Karen will help you with any questions you may have along the way.


Chris, Customer Service, “Son In Law”

After your kitchen is installed, Chris will be back in to clean up any areas that need care.  There isn’t a project too big or too small for Chris.  You are guaranteed to be happy with the end results, and he will put the finishing touches on any cabinet deficiencies.


Are you ready for your dreams to come true?  Give us a call today or stop in for a factory and showroom tour. We have designers in your area every week, from Grand Falls to Saint John!

317 Lockhart Mill Road, Jacksonville (Woodstock), NB, Canada



Photos by Ashley Marie Photography



Modern Meets Rustic in Grand Falls, NB

Modern Meets Rustic in Grand Falls, NB

Welcome to the home of Wayne & Brenda Jamieson, of Grand Falls NB, where modern meets rustic in the most perfect way, with Avondale Kitchens.

The homeowners had a very clear vision of how they wanted to their home to feel and look.  We worked closely together, and along with their carpenter Tom Mulherin, to make the dream come true.

Let’s jump right into things and have a look at the gorgeous cabinets.

Look at the beautiful fresh Simply White cabinets, warmed up with accents of Toffee stained birch.  Stained pine ceiling, installed by carpenter, really add a cozy factor to the room.  Look who is being adorable next to the island:



The toffee stained island really warms up the room, and pulls the whole look together.


Adding a stainless apron front sink, keeps with the country kitchen vibe, but brings in a modern appeal.  Above the sink is a toffee stained custom valance, for a pretty added touch.


Check out the roll outs above the fridge! Over-fridge storage is never an easy place to get to, but with roll outs, you have a bit more access to the items in the back. All of our kitchens come equipped with this handy roll out system to make your life a bit more accessible.



Large drawers take the place of cabinet doors/shelves and effectively make everything easier to access.  Whether you prefer to store plates, pots and pans, Tupperware containers or bake ware, heavy duty soft close slides give support and ease of operation.



All top level drawers are potential homes to organizing inserts.  Avondale kitchens always come with spice storage, cutlery and spatula dividers to help keep items in a tidy little home.




The custom enclosed range hood above the stove adds another rustic touch to this modern kitchen:



A flip up appliance garage is the perfect pocket of space to keep your frequently used kitchen items within arms reach, and neat and tidy when not using.  This way your counter always looks clean!



Every space in your new kitchen should be functional for you.  A pull out cookie sheet insert is a must-have for organizing sheets and cutting boards.


This dedicated coffee area makes preparing your morning cuppa joe even more exciting! Toffee stain is added to the design to highlight the bar area.  On either side of the coffee unit are floor to ceiling storage.  Pull out pantry on the left, and broom closet to the right.



To complete the kitchen, we have a custom entry seat system that flows seamlessly with the rest of the cabinetry.


A big thank you to our homeowner Wayne & Brenda for choosing Avondale Kitchens to help complete another dream kitchen renovation.


Thank you to Ashley Marie Photography for the beautiful photos!

And finally, thank you to Tom Mulherin, for working with Wayne & Brenda to make all of the details come to life!



Are you ready for your dreams to come true?  Give us a call today or stop in for a factory and showroom tour. We have designers in your area every week, from Grand Falls to Saint John!

317 Lockhart Mill Road, Jacksonville (Woodstock), NB, Canada


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen in Wakefield, NB

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen in Wakefield, NB

We have a real treat for you today! You are guaranteed to fall in love with the home of Jeremy & Katelynn Smith, Wakefield, NB.

Jeremy & Katelynn have just moved into this beautiful new build, and not a detail was missed.  Let’s take a tour through this stunning kitchen and en-suite.

Custom home built by RWBurpee Construction.

The main cabinets are Benjamin Moore OC117 Simply White, with the island cabinets contrast in Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron.

The custom stained range hood adds a bit of warmth to the room.

See the concrete coutnertop? Jeremy the homeowner made this himself!




Look what’s hiding under the countertop!  Baby Ruby’s foot prints.


The beautiful apron front sink is the perfect touch for a modern farmhouse vibe:


Floating shelves, built by RWBurpee Construction, co-ordinate with the custom range hood, pulling the look together.




It is so important to make sure your custom island is as functional as possible. On one side of this island, bonus doors in front of the bar stools give access to extra storage that often goes unused.

The front of the island is home to the microwave, large pots and pans drawers, and a high volume garbage can at the far right side.




As with all Avondale Kitchens, the pull out spice drawer comes included in your package:



A cookie sheet pull out is the perfect storage for sheet pans and cutting boards.  Generally we will add a cookie sheet pull out to your design, as a perfect solution to any space otherwise lost in a non-custom kitchen:


Moving to the master bath, look at this beautiful oasis!  Cabinets are Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron, to co-ordinate with the kitchen island colour.   Countertops are seamless laminate counters with undermounted sinks.



A huge thank you to Jeremy & Katelynn for choosing Avondale to be part of your dream kitchen production!

One more photo, this handsome lad seems quite pleased to pose for a shot in his new home:


Photos by Ashley Marie Photography, Woodstock, NB

Floating Shelves, Wine Rack & Pantry by RWBurpee Construction


Are you ready for your dreams to come true?  Give us a call today or book a time to stop in for a factory and showroom tour. We have designers in your area every week, from Grand Falls to Saint John!

317 Lockhart Mill Road, Jacksonville (Woodstock), NB, Canada


Check Out an Avondale Seminar This Weekend!


With Trade Show season gearing up, here at Avondale we are busily preparing for the exciting season.  In addition to a brand new luxurious kitchen display, debuting at the Saint John Home Show, we are putting the final touches on our “Kitchens With The Wow Factor” seminar presentation.

The Saint John Home show is this weekend, and you will have several opportunities to catch the live kitchen seminar.

In this 45 minute presentation, Jim, our designer will take you through all of the steps of kitchen renovations, as well as highlighting current kitchen trends, and many before and after photos of kitchens in your local area.

seminar 1

You can find the seminar room upstairs on the main loop.  Stop in, take a seat and relax as you interact and learn about the newest kitchen ideas for your project.  At the end of the presentation you will have lots of time to ask questions about your renovations.

The Saint John Home Show features the leaders of the home building and renovation industries from all over southern New Brunswick and beyond, and will have everything you’re looking for for your new home builds and renovations.

Stop in and say hi to our family, we will be there all weekend!

Family at the booth

Here is a timetable of Avondale Seminars throughout the weekend:





Doubling the Size of Your Kitchen

Doubling the Size of Your Kitchen

Welcome to the home of Jeremy & Christina Turner, Woodstock, NB! The homeowners came to Avondale Kitchens with plans to open up the kitchen a bit and make the most of their space.  You will see below how expanding into the hallway can make a world of difference.


Take a look at the before photo.  The half wall is creating a divide between the kitchen and hall area, which is an ideal space to expand into:


We sat down with the Turners to come up with a plan to increase storage and accessibility, with the goal to make the living area feel larger.


By removing the wall, and shifting the refrigerator to the back wall, the space is instantly doubled and plenty of room emerges for an island.  Any cabinetry “lost” against the wall is replaced with more accessible island storage, a pull out pantry next to the fridge and a spacious corner pantry.


Here is a look from inside the kitchen, towards the living room, before:


Next up, the Avondale designs from that angle, showing wall removal and island placement:


And finally, the beautiful finished product. Wow! How bright an spacious:


Now lets take a closer look at the features of the kitchen.

Large drawers in the island and main cabinets are easy to use and organize, with no more bending and digging in to the backs of standard cabinets. Heavy duty soft close slides add a luxurious touch.

ACC Big Drawers.jpg

The custom corner pantry provides convenient storage for all dried goods and accessories:


A high volume garbage can, standard with all Avondale kitchens, keeps trash and recycling off the floor, with convenient clips for the trash bag and a plastic insert for recyclables.


The space under the sink is well used with a swing out garbage can, a roll out for cleaning supplies, a tea towel rack, and a flip down tray to store scrub pads and dishwasher tabs:


Even the pup approves of this makeover!


A big thank you to Jeremy & Christina for choosing Avondale Kitchens to be part of your dream kitchen makeover!


Are you ready for your dreams to come true?  Give us a call today or stop in for a factory and showroom tour. We have designers in your area every week, from Grand Falls to Saint John!

317 Lockhart Mill Road, Jacksonville (Woodstock), NB, Canada


Family Living at Its Best

Welcome to the home of Mark & Chantal Demerchant, Saint John NB.

With two young children at home, Mark & Chantal were ready to re-design their home to better accommodate their family needs.

fb band a template_edited- best version 2017

Originally the toy room was at one end of the home, accessible from the kitchen by walking down a long hallway.  By opening the shared wall between the kitchen and the toy room, family living is instantly achieved! Mom and Dad can be working in the kitchen, while the children are within arms reach of their toy room.

Let’s take a look at the progression of opening up between the two rooms:

Before.  The toy room is just behind the fridge, on the other side of the wall, but not yet accessible: 

Before Kid view.jpg

Designs to open up between rooms but cutting an opening in the wall:

designs kids view_txt

Demolition, hole has been cut, and cabinets removed!: 


Almost Ready for the finishing touches:

Reno C  Kitchen.jpg

After.  Check out the beautiful transition between rooms:

after kids view

And of course, two happy little faces:


Now that we’ve seen the progression of the opening, let’s take a look at the other before and after shots of the renovation project.

This is another angle looking towards the refrigerator.  Remember, the toy room is directly behind the fridge:

Before Hall view.jpg

After Hall view.jpg

Below you can see looking from the toy room area towards the kitchen.  By removing the peninsula shelving, the space really opens up:

before dining window view

After  dining window view.jpg

One more view towards the sink area.  The light from the toy room is now shared with the kitchen, creating a beautifully bright space:

Before Sink FR View.jpg

after sink fr view

A huge thank you to Chantal and Mark for choosing Avondale to help with your dream kitchen makeover!

Are you ready for your dreams to come true?  Give us a call today or stop in for a factory and showroom tour. We have designers in your area every week, from Grand Falls to Saint John!

317 Lockhart Mill Road, Jacksonville (Woodstock), NB, Canada


Create a Welcoming Living & Dining Space

Welcome to the home of Chris & Brittainy Clark of Saint John, NB.  The Clark family undertook a main floor renovation with the help of Brent Stanley of Stanley Enterprises and Avondale Kitchens, and transformed their house into a beautiful, inviting home. 

The original kitchen was a bit confined, and was mainly comprised of doors and shelves, limiting storage accessibility.  The home owners wanted to open up the space to create an open living area and maximize usable space within the cabinets. 

Kitchen 8w BEFORE

Jim from Avondale sat down with the homeowners for a two hour design session.  In that meeting all layouts and renovation details are complete and a preliminary hand drawing of the proposed designs is created: 


Next step, Stanley Builders arrive to begin the renovation.  Cabinets are removed and the area is prepared for the new cabinets:

Kitchen 8w RENO

Once the space is completely prepped, it’s time for a new kitchen!  With a wall removed, there is now plenty of space for a large island with extra seating and storage.  An extended window brings in lots of natural light, while raising the cabinets to the ceiling draws the eye upward creating the feel of a larger space.  

Kitchen 8w AFTER

Here is a view before, showing the original wall between the kitchen and living room:

Kitchen Living BEFORE .jpg

The proposed design shows the opening up between the two spaces:


See how spacious and inviting the home looks! Removing the wall creates a large and welcoming space, creating a beautifully inclusive living area:

Kitchen Living AFTER

Back in the kitchen, large drawers replace all of the previous door/shelf storage, creating easily accessible storage for every item: 


ACC Tupperware Drawer

Built in high volume units, make recycling simple: 

ACC Hi-Vol Gcan

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A big thank you to Chris & Brittainy for choosing Avondale as part of your dream kitchen project, and a thank you to Stanley Enterprises for the fantastic renovation work.

This is a cute cartoon of Brent Stanley, but we can assure you all of Brent and Trevor’s projects go well. Fun fact: Brent does personally know Mike Holmes,  as Mike was the guest speaker at the Saint John Home show in 2005.

Brent Stanley|Stanley Enterprises|Construction and renovations|Cell # (506) 650-5799

Trevor Waddell|Stanley Builders Inc|Cell (506) 647-6018|


Are you ready for your dreams to come true?  Give us a call today or stop in for a factory and showroom tour. We have designers in your area every week, from Grand Falls to Saint John!

317 Lockhart Mill Road, Jacksonville (Woodstock), NB, Canada